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Variable Warranty

On every product on the website it will state how many years warranty comes with that product, not every manufacturer offers the same amount of years warranty, hence we have stated on every product the years warranty applicable to that product, you will find that all of the same manufacturer will have the same years warranty, it is not set product by product, it is set by manufacturer, therefore all of the same manufacturer products will have the same length of warranty.

14 Day Right to Return

If you wish to return the product you must contact us via email with your order number, the product that is faulty, what the fault is and also how the fault happened. If you have any accompanying photos of the fault that will help quicken up the process. You will then be emailed the returns details along with returns number for return. Please note all returns are the customers responsibility and you must ensure they are returned in a protected and safe manner.

2-5 Year Warranty

After the 14 day period the repair warranty will be invoked, the warranty can last from 2 years on some products to 5 years on others, each manufacturer/brand has set warranty lengths as indicated on each of the products on our website. Depending on the manufacturer you have purchased you will have from 2 years to a maximum of 5 years for a repair on the product. Should the product be deemed un-economical to repair (the repair costs more than the product can be purchased for) then you will receive a replacement product. To use this warranty you must first register the product with ourselves so we have a record for legal purposes, all information will be emailed to you. If you require a repair you can contact us with the fault with the product along with any pictures of the fault you may have, we will then issue a returns number and details for the return which will be investigated by our team and then forwarded onto the official manufacturer repairer. If the product has been damaged or misused this will invalidate the warranty and the repair cost will be given to you prior to any repair taking place so you can make a decision if you wish to progress with the repair.

Returns Procedure

You have a 14 day right to return your product, this is your right to return for a refund or exchange. If your product goes faulty in 14 days you again have a right for a refund or exchange. If the product is damaged by the user this will invalidate the right to return. To return under the 14 day right you must contact us within 14 days of receiving the product, once we have confirmed the returns details including the returns number you then have a further 14 days to return the product. Should you not be able to return within this period due to a holiday or other events you must inform us at the time of the request to return, failure to do so and failure to return within the 14 days of receiving the returns details will mean the right to return is invalid and will no longer be accepted.

Returns Costs

If you are returning a product within 14 days due to receiving the product incorrectly from Webtronic then we will pay for the return of the product up to a certain cost, this cost is dependent on location hence please contact us by email. If you are returning a product within 14 days due to a fault we will also pay for the return of the product up to a certain cost, this cost again is dependent on location hence please contact us by email. Should you be returning within 14 days due to a change of mind or you have ordered the wrong product, you will be responsible for the cost of return. For warranty repairs after 14 days and up to 5 years you are responsible to return to us, however we will pay to return the product back to you.

Should you have any questions regarding the above please contact us.